Full Spectrum Records releases the works of experimental musicians and sound artists, with an ear towards idiosyncratic tones, extended time frames and unique compositional approaches.

Originally founded in 2008 in Greensboro, North Carolina by Andrew Weathers and Andrew Marino as a means to document their early collaborations, the label has since evolved into a collective community of musicians, experimentalists and artists of various disciplines working in often-overlooked corners of the underground.

Presenting artists’ works via limited physical editions and high quality digital files, Full Spectrum aims to present a wide variety of unique work with minimal concern for genre or branding. Full Spectrum is currently based in Littlefield, Texas and is operated through the collective efforts of Andrew Weathers, Gretchen Korsmo, Carl Ritger, Erik Schoster and many others.

Our Editions Littlefield series covers works that deal with a sense of place. In our interpretation, Place can be literal, abstract, or situational. As digital connectivity minimizes geographic barriers and anonymous design aesthetics take precedence over idiosyncratic regionalisms, developing and nurturing awareness of place becomes a vitality.

Llano Discs is intended to be a documentation of experimental music made on the Llano Estacado, a region of West Texas that is our primary headquarters. Hyper-limited CDr editions, handmade packaging, no distribution, no promotion.

Full Spectrum is distributed in the US by The Business, Digitally by Audiomoves. Select releases can be found elsewhere. All releases can be found on our Bandcamp page.

FS148 - Tongue Depressor and John McCowan - Blame Tuning (Cassette)
FS147 - chik white - Wind Wound (CD)
FS146 - Evan Lindorff-Ellery - Church Recordings from Monhegan (Cassette)
FS145 - N/A
FS144 - Flavigula - Pagan Park, Seminole (CDr)
FS143 - Merche Blasco/Derek Baron - Travesía/The Matrix (Cassette)
FS142 - Nick Turner - Under Dark Pines (Lathe)
FS141 - Aaron Oppenheim - Volvox/Fringe Benefit (Lathe)
FS140 - Andrew Weathers - Early Works (Lathe)
FS139 - Carl Ritger - Glance White Into the Dark (Cassette)
FS138 - Ross Hammond - A Bright Light (Cassette)
FS137 - Noah Alonzo - Short Cycled (CDr)
FS136 - Sunken Cathedral - Of the Dying Year (Digital)
FS135 - Bardo Todol - El Violín Dorado, El Violín Arabe (Cassette)
FS134 - Sarah Ruth & Monte Espina - cuatro estaciones (2xCD)
FS133 - Jacob Wick - Standards (CD)
FS132 - Logan Heuer - The Pattern (Cassette)
FS131 - Apologist - Turnout (Lathe)
FS130 - Andy Klingensmith - Oh, Beautiful Bridge (Lathe)
FS129 - tanner menard - You Had Not Changed But Your Cameras Were No Longer Identical (2xCD)
FS128 - Wes Tirey - No Winners in the Blues (LP)
FS127 - Jordan Glenn - Flustered (Cassette)
FS126 - Llano Estacado Monad Band - Collective Graphic Works (CDr)
FS125 - Kinbrae & Clare Archibald - Birl of Unmap (Cassette)
FS124 - Tim Feeney & Vic Rawlings - Conway Library (Digital)
FS123 - Justin Houser & Noah Alonzo - Improvisation[Collocation(210620)] (CDr)
FS122 - Tyler Simpson & Ryan Todd Garza - Dialogue: hello modular, I'm analogue (CDr)
FS121 - Retribution Body - Baphomet (CD)
FS120 - Sunken Cathedral - Sounds for Walking in Circles (Digital)
FS119 - Maya Weeks - Tethers (Cassette)
FS118 - Johnny Young - Of Course (Lathe)
FS117 - Shanna Sordahl - So She Shone (Lathe)
FS116 - CC Sorensen - Twin Mirror (Cassette)
FS115 - more eaze - two futures (Lathe)
FS114 - Carl Ritger - Frozen Lake Assemblage (Lathe)
FS113 - Aaron Oppenheim - Leisure (Cassette)
FS112 - Aaron Oppenheim - Labor (Cassette)
FS111 - Gil Sansón - Impostor Syndrome (Cassette)
FS110 - Gretchen Korsmo & CC Sorensen - Field Patterns (CDr)
FS109 - Nick Zanca - Cacerolazo (Cassette)
FS108 - Nathan McLaughlin - Stoner Lake in G (Cassette)
FS107 - Patrick Shiroishi & Marta Tiesenga - Empty Vessels (LP)
FS106 - Gretchen Korsmo - Cloud Juice (Lathe)
FS105 - Lucy Liyou & CC Sorensen - Arrangements (Lathe)
FS104 - Andrew Weathers - Catalogs (Cassette)
FS103 - Felidae - Katla (Cassette)
FS102 - Cody Yantis - Argent (Lathe)
FS101 - Blaine Todd - Natural Bridge (Lathe)
FS100 - Tender Crust - FS100 (Digital)
FS099 - Gretchen Korsmo - Tote Bag (Tote Bag)
FS098 - Hey Exit - Eulogy for Land (Cassette)
FS097 - Phil Yeah - Grey & Gold (Cassette)
FS096 - Bryce Clayton Eiman - Remedies Against Discontents (Cassette)
FS095 - Marsha Fisher - New Ruins (Cassette)
FS094 - Justin Houser - Thoughts and Memories while Traveling Through West Texas (CDr)
FS093 - Lucy Liyou - Practice (Cassette)
FS092 - Background Noise Ensemble - Metal Lake Reservoir (Cassette)
FS091 - Fermented Brain - Fermented Brain (CDr)
FS090 - Mira Martin-Gray - Stick Control for the Air Drummer (Cassette)
FS089 - more eaze & claire rousay/Wind Tide - Split (Cassette)
FS088 - Sally Decker & Brendan Glasson - An Opening (Cassette)
FS087 - Wind Tide - Plays Wind Tide (CDr)
FS086 - Tasting Menu - Mueller Tunnel (Book & CD)
FS085 - Tatsuya Nakatani & Rhonda Taylor - City of Rocks (Digital)
FS084 - Plastic Mayan Staircase - a selective list of places I will never enter again for personal reasons 10/8/16 (CDr)
FS083 - Andrew Weathers Ensemble - The Thousand Birds in the Earth, The Thousand Birds in the Sky (Cassette)
FS082 - Sunken Cathedral - Steam Turned to Ash (Digital)
FS081 - Andrew Weathers - Two Loud Rooms (CDr)
FS080 - Aura Gaze - Flatland Mystic (CDr)
FS079 - Lavatone - When the Moon Fills with Blood (Cassette)
FS078 - Apologist - Dirt Road (Cassette)
FS077 - William Corrigan - Conways (CDr)
FS076 - Seth Warren-Crow - SOUND-OPt (CDr)
FS075 - Paul Hoskin & Cody Yantis - Georgetown Archive (Cassette)
FS074 - tanner menard - San Francisco: an audiophony in four movements (Cassette)
FS073 - Seth Chrisman & Andrew Weathers - Put Your Face in the River (CD)
FS072 - Aaron Oppenheim - Cumberland County (Cassette)
FS071 - Radere - The Blood (Cassette)
FS070 - Lake Mary & the Ranch Family Band - Sun Dogs (LP)
FS069 - Antony Widoff - Disposition (Cassette)
FS068 - V/A - Infinite Futures (Casette)
FS067 - Kevin Corcoran & Gretchen Jude - hirakito (CD)
FS066 - Blaine Todd - Every Road is a Good Road (LP/Cassette)
FS065 - Tim Feeney/Aaron Michael Butler - Things I said I’d never be (CD)
FS064 - tanner menard & Andrew Weathers - wanna live in the world w/a whole face (Book/CD)
FS063 - Shanna Sordahl - Radiate Don’t Fear the Quietus (Cassette)
FS062 - Sun Hammer - S/T (Cassette)
FS061 - Lavatone - Lavatone (Cassette)
FS060 - Andrew Weathers Ensemble - Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall (LP)
FS059 - Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin - Earth Tones at the Metal Show (Cassette)
FS058 - Tree branch Twig - beneath the (Cassette)
FS057 - Ctrl-Z - Ctrl-Z (Cassette)
FS056 - Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods - Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods (Cassette)
FS055 - Golconda - 25 to 40 (Cassette)
FS054 - Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman - Ogallala (Cassette)
FS053 - N/A
FS052 - Blaine Todd - Golden Apples of the West (Cassette)
FS051 - MJ Lallo - The Channeled Voice (Cassette)
FS050 - Radere - I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Wake Up (LP)
FS049 - Andrew Weathers - Under the Tree (Cassette)
FS048 - Real Life Rock & Roll Band - Let Me Sleep/Death is a Narrow Sea (Cassette)
FS047 - Andrew Weathers - Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles (Cassette)
FS046 - Sun Hammer - MAHAMUDRA (Cassette)
FS045 - Radere - Sloth Period (Cassette)
FS044 - Jakob Pek - Emptiness Smiles (Cassette)
FS043 - Dibson T. Hoffweiler - Oakland to Sebastopol (Cassette)
FS042 - glou glou - fey flight founders (Cassette)
FS041 - tanner menard - deepest indigo (CD)
FS040 - Cedar AV - Nin-o-Van (Cassette)
FS039 - more eaze - fine. (Cassette)
FS038 - Rin Larping - STRATUM (Cassette)
FS037 - Blaine Todd - Dillingham (Cassette)
FS036 - Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin - Olivebridge (Cassette)
FS035 - Andrew Weathers Ensemble - Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything (LP)
FS034 - Beast Nest - Songs for Puppies (Cassette)
FS033 - Andrew Weathers - Littlefield (Cassette)
FS032 - Glover/Perreault - Freight 1110 Through Greensboro (Cassette)
FS031 - glou glou - hymn her hum (Cassette)
FS030 - Wes Tirey - O, Annihilator (Cassette)
FS029 - Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman - Louella (Cassette)
FS028 - Sarah Davachi - The Untuning of the Sky (Cassette)
FS027 - Andrew Weathers Ensemble - What Happens When We Stop (Book/Digital)
FS026 - Radere - Dreamless (Book/Digital)
FS025 - Tim Feeney - Weakness (Book/Digital)
FS024 - Andrew Weathers & Andrew Marino - We Don’t Have Sun Like This (Book/Digital)
FS023 - offthesky & Radere - I Will Love You, Always (Cassette)
FS022 - Andrew Weathers Ensemble - Guilford County Songs (Postcard/Digital)
FS021 - Jakob Pek - Open Mystery (Book/Digital)
FS020 - Matt Northrup - Lucky Stumbles (CD)
FS019 - Kirtan Choir - Sam River Twice: In the All Together Vol. 3 (Cassette)
FS018 - N/A
FS017 - N/A
FS016 - Andrew Weathers Ensemble - Rough Hemmed Seams (Digital)
FS015 - promute - sam uho (CD)
FS014 - Matt Northrup - Word is Bond (Cassette)
FS013 - Radere - A Season in Decline (CD)
FS012 - N/A
FS011 - CJ Boyd/Andrew Weathers - Over My Obstructions Vol. 1 (Cassette)
FS010 - Austin Glover - Killing the Baker (CD)
FS009 - Eric Bridges - Little Mouse (MAX/MSP Patch)
FS008 - Nick Hennies - Lungs (CD)
FS007 - Andrew Marino - Revisiting (Cassette)
FS006 - Andrew Weathers - A Great Southern City (CD)
FS005 - Andrew Weathers/Noose of Laurels - Split (CD)
FS004 - Radere - A Process in the Weather of the Heart (CD)
FS003 - Corey Larkin - Pnomoneya (CD)
FS002 - Acid of All Ruins - Holiday (Cassette)
FS001 - Andrew Weathers & Andrew Marino - Aa (Book/CD)